Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No. 8: Alberto Gonzales... redacted


Al Gonzales sought a pact,
To keep detainee rules intact,
So he wrote with stately tact,
The “Happy Muslim Prisoner Act.”

He also wanted to transform
How undercover cops perform,
Where privacy is less the norm,
With “Happy Tapping Phones Reform.”

He sought to save their weary nation,
With “Enduring Freedom’s” operation,
So he put forth a new creation:
The “Happy War Rights Legislation.”

In fighting for a higher purpose,
He dismantled habeas corpus,
Thus wrote without internal rumpus
The “Happy Secret Trials Opus.”

He sought to do the best for all.
And keep his party standing tall,
The rest he’d lock behind a wall
With the “Happy War Forever Law.”

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