Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No. 1. George W. Bush....paperless voting works again

George Bush has been a drinker,
Frat house parties, seldom straight,
Never worried ‘bout the empties,
Dead soldiers, they accumulate.

Richard Cheney goes out hunting,
Drinks some brews, stays out late.
Leaves behind his empty bottles,
Dead soldiers, they accumulate.

Karl Rove loves his brewskies,
Diets so he keeps his weight.
Other folks collect the empties,
Dead soldiers, they accumulate.

It’s not easy, leading parties,
Especially when a war runs late,
Just remember, watch the empties,

Dead soldiers, they accumulate.


1600 said...

what an incredibly arrogant, self-righteous, pompous, petty, pathetic little braindead turd of an excuse for a human being. George Washington and the rest of the Presidents must be rattling chains and wailing all night with shrieks of agony as he pulls our country to new depths with each passing day! It's a wonsder his dad hasn't stormed the White House and given him the whipping he deserved when he was a draft dodging lush sponging off his parents! Neil looks good by comparison!!! But this maggot knows no shame, no remorse.
Thanks for nothing, George.
Can't wait 'til you're packed up and moved back to where they still honor your name- in Dubai, with your co-conspirator, Deadeye Dick.

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