Monday, January 28, 2008

No. 3: Ann Coulter... beauty and the beast


Annie Coulter gained no weight,
Despite the many things she ate.

She stayed as skinny as a rail,
Although she dined on Cheney’s quail.

She thinned herself to 12-inch thighs,
Devouring Joe McCarthy’s lies.

She always stayed so very trim,
Yet ate Max Cleland’s missing limb.

She looked just like a stalk of hay,
But ate the bombs of Tim McVeigh.

She kept her weight so very low,
Yet ate the words of Tony Snow.

As slender as a cotton thread.
She feasted on Iraqi dead.

She just resembled skin and bones,
Yet ate the claims of Paula Jones.

Her arms were wires; and what’s more.
She ate her hate for Albert Gore.

She ate all Democratic lives.
She ate the nine-eleven wives.

Folks wondered how Ann kept her looks.
She crapped her hate into her books.


Cerebus said...

And Hillary feasted on Billy boy's lies
Maybe that's why she sports 36 inch thighs.

1600 said...

Now Ann claims she endorses Hillary, And that old John McCain's a wannabe.
A new tactic to smear candidates,
Saying that she loves, not hates.